Carolyn Voisey - Marine Science services

Ocean Maid has been trading over 10 years and has carried out contracts for clients as prestigous and varied as Shell, BiWater Leslie, Fugro, Geotek, EGS, BP, UKAEA and the BERR.

Ocean Maid has experience of environments ranging from estuarine and coastal localities, to shelf and deep sea environments, extensively around the UK and also overseas.

Ocean Maid Services

Ocean Maid offers a number of specialist skills, including;

  • Coastal Hydrographic Surveying: specifically dispersion and excursion studies
  • Marine Mammal Observations and Passive Acoustic Monitoring
  • Benthic and Water Column Sampling for environmental analysis

For a detailed personal résumé, technical capabilities and on-going availability, please Contact Carolyn.

Thumbnail image of Troon Lifeboat When not out on fieldwork, Carolyn is on call with the Troon Crew.